To help you create your own, without the temptation of steal existing material… you will find here a list of existing contrepets.

Here are some famous ones.

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He likes to dim all ray

Our Mike is going to Dingle

Australians like to boot the rich

This sister is also mucking

I heard your milk is good at relieving a cough

Mister Peter was seen

The tag's like... blowing a honk

Can mitching lead to binge drinking?

Leibniz Monads are a guess

Was he too lax with the climate?

The Pope's reputation suffers from his sack of lies

Your mister is a singer

Will some hot milk take care of my cough?

Let's make a fake with some milk

At the call of duty, she rides her bike

He snooped in her patch

I admire the birth of that goy

No one's mirth could make this ginger move an eyebrow

I went over to explore Big Bertha's boom

I went to listen to the sound of the birds

Romney has a wish to widen the gap

How fetching of them to linger in the woods

My scale is not heavy duty enough for Dublin tanks

The best whinges are from women who have just met each other

One Pope should have been enough to make Cardinal Brady grey

When Obama shows he's fresh, it makes Romney's election harder

Don't blame her financial limp: most parts of Europe are peaced out

Countryside spores could infect any hunk in town

Lit up with a single click

I'll only drink your tea if you are primmed

A well hung rope would give you a pun for your money

She received some fee for her pun

You have to be Mitt Romney to propose such a paradigm shift

Watch this space: it craves for an American firm

Watch this space: it may attract American firms!

What is on the pier may explain her smiles

This little runt requires a good cover

James Blunt is kind

Don't complain that I shock your cook

A sobbing Gandalf can nod off

This sobbing Gandalf nods

His 21st bash uplifted his griefs

iPhone out for a buck

It only took a push to put him on the lease

I find your food on his list

Joan Rivers' beach

Difference between plastic surgeons and Ruairi Quinn/Michael Gove? They want to tuck features!

Medical students want to tuck features

This Madge needs vending

A real night-fair: they missed the vote, leaving with swollen gains

When faxes increase on trench warfare, the melt has to be Belgium

He tried to keep his cool, but his tectum needs the rhyme out

Her peeps are inviting you to play, with her, hookie

She mucks around the fountains

Payment for such a verve has to be paginal

Liars freak when they see a nun

The Shire is not the best place for a Brit

Personals: will share back bag

The brits can be classy when at a wilde nag fight

That little bit of your mistake's my clanger

Wrestlers sometimes dig a rusty Finnish

Stop kneading the blob!

The pimp dressed up for gain

He searched for an ice pick in the dark

A pass with glee

A hunt, of course

Slaps for sneezing!

The Bat is the epitome of 'kitch'

My god brings me rain

He was tagged by a granny

The benefit of rating agencies is a little moot

This footballer's kick made her dream

Will you join him in a card hunt?

They reeled in the years

A prude Nick for Christmas?

My daughter has the part of a fig

This Madame does not like to find gum in her curls

For Todd Akin, a legitimate jape rarely leads to a good rest

Gu's role was hidden by all party members

This fairy mucks about

This fairy likes a good mist

There is a lot of looting in the region

Pray be our guide!

Her badge needs a good vendor

He enjoys the now with a daily cookie

I spat on your twit

This Duke made me pick

It is for the pleasure of your happy soul

Romeo's corny trust in Juliette made her hunt a little thorn

Juliette chose to lie to free her dove, while Romeo died for a happy trick

Did Juliette have to lie to free her dove?

Look at this cut on my bum

Yesterday I picked-up Lucy

His beak glows all night long

Most of his ducks are well fed

Cupidity led him to sell his stock

I'm speeding on that funk

Hold your kick! I'd like to take a shot.

My firm requires a lot of space

It is a space firm

One must master the art to make such a powerful farce

Bankers are willing

Grabbing their jeans from their box-traps, female Hunger Games tributes feud for a good clicker

His mighty god can relieve her rash

Augustus Glück demanded shared banking before going to wed; Violette handed over her cash and was left with only gum to chew on

That bit is the part of the cleaver you should use the most

She is a busty leaver

Because of his hate for red, he gave up rust for Lent

Rocco's new born meant a hard-pressed day

Doing too many fellings results in shitty ratios

One of my vigorous cubs will lift up that huge rock in seconds

Do you know the Philly chart house ?

I went to the fast-food and found a duck in a bin

Her cash is up for grabs

The pilots knew he would out-rank them all, so they tried to damage his wing

The pleasures of the bike, can be increased by a string of deeds

Warning read in the spoiler: house not responsible if you sleep in someone else's bunk

My first pick was that German dope

She had to swallow their spurns at the end of each of their terms

Jade: code for trash

Bill Clinton's seating plan gave him plenty of cheques

Victim of the lazzi, Miss E. felt ashamed of being nude

This lay man found luck in a game-fez

Soldiers who hide will not have lad

Does the right wing need to be blaming the teaching?

The smell of the sea made them pick; but now, their nips expose they’re snobs

Her husband received most of his guests on pay-day

I protect my derm from the sharpest spikes

This banker supports the rent ploy. Why always a banker?

Your wrong is to show your Olympic thing

Would you prank a yeast?

If you got what comes out of my gob, ba mhór an cúis náire é

Does lego playing make her more practic?

What a shocker that Mitt!

Shoot to kill

Pop corn

My teacher is easily pranked

The size of his files increases each time he gets pecked

Dick Burton enjoys a Welsh war

The reporter dissed O’Gara’s kick

His Rick did not get to Pride this year

Angel's demon made Buffy psych out

I find belief in the Rum

The more DSK's hotel offers, the less the one maid can cope with

French whiskey... makes the wench frisky

The vice is at the bottom of the liquor

Why did Morandini scrap that Steevy guy?

My pet likes Venus

The witch was banking on-line

In the bath, the soul of a girl is full of hope

The average Joe Blob

A warm God made the sun-rays come unto us

West Bank

God's fingers are for you to suck

A slay requires guts

Please remove that lock, if you want to release your code

This rug explains the Battle in the Boyne: a small light started that fire

Shining Wit

Her broken heart betrays her fate

Cunning stunts

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